Ismail Gôgenur, MD, DMSc

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Ismail Gôgenur, MD, DMSc
Professor, Director
Center for Surgical Science (CSS)

Professor Ismail Gôgenur is dedicated to investigating and implementing new methods for improving perioperative and surgical care. His research activities have primarily focus on surgical pathophysiology. A major focus is on understanding the individual risk profiles of patients undergoing colorectal cancer surgery and the effect of these on short and long term oncological outcomes. He has a special interest in translational medicine through research collaboration with basic scientists and data scientists. During the past two years the Center for Surgical Science focused its data centric research around OMOP CDM and the OHDSI community tools.

Professor Gôgenur has been the principal investigator of 6 multicenter randomized clinical trials (INEXA, Fit for Surgery, NEOLAR, PIXIE, nECT, MEDACIS), principal investigator of 4 randomized clinical trials (MECORA, MELMIS, MELODY, IPOS) and country principal investigator of 3 international multicenter clinical trials (Lifeseal, RESET, MIRCAST). He founded the Center for Surgical Science, Region of Zealand in 2014, a research unit focusing on physiological changes caused by a surgical procedure. The unit is composed of 26 people including 6 senior researchers participating to 11 running studies. Since 2018 he is member of the steering group for Personalized Medicine of the eastern Denmark and member of the subcommittee of Datacenter east and of the BRIDGE Executive Scientific Committee, a collaboration between Novo Nordisk Foundation and University of Copenhagen.

Ismail Gögenur is part of 6 book chapters and 291 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals.

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