Jenna Reps

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Jenna Reps

Jenna Reps, PhD
Manager, Epidemiology Analytics
Janssen Research and Development

Jenna Reps is a Senior Epidemiology Informaticist at Janssen research and Development where she is focusing on developing novel solutions to personalise risk prediction. Jenna’s areas of expertise include applying machine learning and data mining techniques to develop solutions for various healthcare problems. She is currently working within the patient level prediction OHDSI workgroup with the aim of developing open source and user friendly software for developing risk models using data sets in the OMOP Common Data Model format.

Prior to joining Janssen Research and Development, Jenna was a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham where she developed supervised learning techniques to signal adverse drug reactions using UK primary care data and acted as a data consultant to other researchers within the University. Jenna received her BSc in Mathematics and MSc in Mathematical Biology at the University of Bath and her PhD in Computer Science at the University of Nottingham.

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