Jesse Berlin

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Jesse Berlin

Jesse Berlin, ScD
Vice President and Global Head, Epidemiology
Johnson & Johnson

Dr. Berlin received his doctorate in biostatistics from the Harvard School of Public Health in 1988. After spending 15 years as a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania, in the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, under the direction of Dr. Brian Strom, Jesse left Penn to join Janssen Research & Development as a Senior Director in Biostatistics. After two years, he was promoted to Vice President for Epidemiology. He now serves as Vice President of Epidemiology across all of Johnson & Johnson, with responsibility for pharmaceuticals, devices and consumer products. He has authored or coauthored over 230 publications in a wide variety of clinical and methodological areas, including papers on the study of meta-analytic methods as applied to both randomized trials and epidemiology. He served on an Institute of Medicine Committee that developed recommendations for the use of systematic reviews in clinical effectiveness research, and served on the Scientific Advisory Committee to the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership, a public-private partnership aimed at understanding methodology for assessing drug safety in large, administrative databases. He served as a member of working group X for CIOMS (The Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences), which has published guidelines for meta-analysis of drug safety data in the regulatory context. He was elected as a fellow of the American Statistical Association in 2004. In 2013, Dr. Berlin received the Lagakos Distinguished Alumni Award from the Department of Biostatistics at the Harvard School of Public Health.

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