Johan Ellenius

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Johan Ellenius

Johan Ellenius, PhD
Team Manager
WHO Uppsala Monitoring Centre

Main Qualifications
MSc Computer Science and Engineering
PhD, Faculty of Medicine, Medical Informatics

Johan Ellenius joined Uppsala Monitoring Centre in 2012. Before that he was a senior lecturer and programme director at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm for eight years. A background in Computer Science and a strong interest in medical science and research led to him obtaining a PhD in medical informatics at Uppsala University in 2000. Johan Ellenius has numerous scientific publications and patents in methods using machine learning such as artificial neural networks for addressing issues in clinical decision support.

At UMC, he serves as a team manager and senior researcher, focusing on various aspects of data analysis in both structured and unstructured information, guided by the overall vision of safer patients. His primary research interest is within the field of medical decision support.

Ellenius J, Ellene C, Norén GN. Medication name entity recognition in free text narratives of adverse event reports in a global context using word sense disambiguation. Submitted 2015

Wannheden C, Westling K, Savage C, Sandahl C, Ellenius J. HIV and tuberculosis coinfection: a qualitative study of treatment challenges faced by care providers. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis; 2013; 17(8):1029-35.

Kazemi A, Fors UG, Tofighi S, Tessma M, Ellenius J. Physician order entry or nurse order entry? Comparison of two implementation strategies for a computerized order entry system aimed at reducing dosing medication errors. J Med Internet Res. 2010; 12(1):e5.