Ryan Duryea

Ryan Duryea

Ryan Duryea
Lead Software Developer
Outcomes Insights

Email: ryan@outins.com
Direct line: +1-805-367-7486

Ryan Duryea is happily employed by Outcomes Insights, a consulting company that specializes in the analysis of biomedical data to communicate the value of interventions, He holds a BS in Computer Science from Texas Christian University. He has nearly a decade of experience in Health IT industry developing clinical healthcare software. He is experienced with a wide range of programming languages such as C, JavaScript, and Perl but is most passionate about Ruby. He has a strong background in Linux and Open Source technologies and has contributed to well over a dozen Open Source projects. Ryan is passionate about developing software to automate tedious and error prone workflows to help researchers focus on what they do best: research and analysis. His goal is to eliminate (as much as possible) the need to wrangle and manipulate data while enhancing the reproducibility of research methods and analyses.

Ryan is an active participant in the Cohort Definition Workgroup and the Software Architecture Workgroup and has recently proposed several modifications to the OMOP CDM and Vocabularies.  Along with contributing to several existing OHDSI tools, such as Achilles and White Rabbit, Ryan has developed several additional tools that work with the OMOP CDM (https://github.com/outcomesinsights/).  Of particular interest is ConceptQL (https://github.com/outcomesinsights/conceptql), an open source, domain-specific language designed to unambiguously define research algorithms.  Outcomes Insights is building a library of research methods stored in the ConceptQL language so that they may be operationalized against any OMOP CDM-compatible dataset.  Learn more about ConceptQL and the research method library at http://jigsawanalytics.com/