Toan Ong

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Toan Ong

Toan Ong, PhD
Research Instructor
University of Colorado-Denver

Dr. Ong, PhD, is a research instructor at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. He has a PhD in Computer Science and Information Systems. He has been involved in large projects funded by AHRQ and PCORI such as SAFTINet, PEDSNet or PORTAL. Has has experience with designing, harmonizing, optimizing, loading and migrating large-scale healthcare databases. He has also been involved in the inter-institutional efforts to modify the CDMs such as i2b2, VDW and OMOP to facilitate data transformation between these CDMs.

One of Dr. Ong’s research interests is to deal with data quality issues such as missing data. In particular, he has developed three novel methods to solve the problem of missing data in record linkage. These three methods can handle missing data without requiring additional data collection. Tests with synthetic data show that the three new methods are more effective than current missing data handling methods. His other major research area is data reporting and data visualization. He has been working on using systems such as Mondrian to build multidimensional schemas. These schemas are used along with multidimensional expression (MDX) query language to build and publish data quality reports with the ability to roll up and drill down using public domain reporting tools. These reports allow users to view data quality measures at different grouping levels. Dr. Ong’s other research interests are schema mapping, record linkage, data mining and natural language processing.

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Toan Ong, Lisa Schilling, Michael Kahn, and Michael Mannino (2014). Improving Record Linkage Performance in the Presence of Missing Linkage Data. Journal of Biomedical Informatics (2014)