William Stephens

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William Stephens

William Stephens
IT Director – Paxata
Masters Student, Department of Public Health
The Ohio State University

William is an IT Director at Paxata, producer of a self-service data preparation product which enables cleaning, reformatting and enhancement of large scale data to enable analytics. Prior to his work at Paxata, he served as CTO of Signet Accel, a provider of distributed clinical data integration products, Director of Software Engineering in the Ohio State University Department of Biomedical Informatics where he focused on secure data sharing and integration, semantic data management and translational research, and a decade of other positions that involved integration of large data sets for non-medical data. William received BS degrees in both Human Nutrition and Computer Science from the Ohio State University and is currently pursuing a MS in Public Health specializing in Biomedical Informatics from the Ohio State University.

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