Frequently Asked Questions

How is OMOP related to OHDSI
We at OHDSI build on the methodological research that OMOP had initiated, support the continued evolution of the OMOP common data model, and include all of the members of the OMOP investigators as part of our research team. Whereas OMOP was restricted to methodological research, OHDSI develops and applies methods to observational data to answer real-world clinical questions.
Is OHDSI part of IMEDS?
No, OHDSI is a separate effort that is independent from IMEDS. IMEDS is a program through the Reagan-Udall Foundation (RUF) that supports FDA’s mission by facilitating research into methods of safety evaluation in large databases. We at OHDSI look forward to collaborating with RUF through their IMEDS project where there are areas of shared interest and support. 
How is OHDSI different from MiniSentinel?
OHDSI is an open consortium established to enable all stakeholders to engage in the research and development of an open-source risk identification and comparative effectiveness system, as well as other large-scale analysis solutions to generate scientific evidence from any observational health data that is available. MiniSentinel is a contracted project by the FDA that uses a network of US-based private-payer databases to address specific drug safety questions posed by the FDA. 
Who leads OHDSI?
OHDSI is a multi-stakeholder collaborative, with active participation across many institutions. OHDSI projects are led by members of the collaborative, and leadership is determined on a project-by-project basis. 
Who is paying for OHDSI?
OHDSI projects are funded by a variety of sources, including grants from government agencies and foundations, and also contributions from industry. Click here if you are interested in supporting our effort.
How can I get involved in OHDSI?
Everybody is welcome. We encourage active participation in OHDSI’s efforts. If you are interested in developing and testing new methods, software for analysis methods, web-based visualizations, or if you have observational data and would like to become part of the ODHSI network, please contact us at
Can regulatory agencies participate in OHDSI?
Yes, we welcome and encourage participation from all stakeholders, including regulatory agencies like FDA, EMA, PMDA, and around the world.