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Overview is a community-driven knowledge and reference base of medical oncology and hematology available as wiki website. Snapshot of HemOnc wiki is implemented as standardized Vocabulary for the purpose of having a standard set of concepts to represent chemotherapy regimens as well as their components and qualities.

HemOnc vocabulary features complex non-linear OWL ontology which is preserved in standardized tables.


Concepts in HemOnc vocabulary belong to one of three Domains:

Regimen concepts represent treatment protocols as combination of antineoplastic and supporting drugs or other therapies administered in certain order.

Procedure concepts represent medical and surgical procedures and therapies as well as their context like line of therapy or intent.

Drug concepts represent singular components of antineoplastic regimens and their attributes.

Concept Classes by Domain

domain_id concept_class_id Clinical sense
Regimen Modality Type and modality of regimens
Regimen Chemo-, immuno- and radiotherapy regimens. Standard concepts belonging to this domain are intended to be put in episode_concept_id field of Episode table
Procedure Context Procedures and therapy contexts like line of therapy or intent
Procedure Medical and surgical procedures
Drug Brand Name Marketed name of a drug component
Component Generic molecule name of drug component
Component Class Pharmaceutical group to which drug components belong
Route Route of drug administration

Standard status and mapping

All valid Regimen domain concepts and Procedure Context concepts are Standard and map to self. Component Class concepts serve as Classification concepts.

Rest of the concept in HemOnc Vocabulary are non-standard and have mappings to standard concepts when available.


HemOnc vocabulary has hierarchical relations both internal and to external vocabularies.

Component Class subsume standard Drug concepts from RxNorm and RxNorm Extension concepts.

Procedure Context, and Regimens and Component Class concepts are also organized in ontological hierarchy.

Non-standard concepts have hierarchical relationships, but they do not participate in forming CONCEPT_ANCESTOR table.


HemOnc vocabulary includes complex set of hierarchical and attributive relationships. Such relations show which drug components belong to regimen, which modality regimens belong to or what is the context of the performed procedure.

Important relations from regimens to components:

Has antineoplastic
Has immunosuppressor
Has local therapy
Has supportive med

Please consult CONCEPT_RELATIONSHIP table for full list of relations.


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