Author: Craig Sachson

Lancet Paper Shows Most Popular Hypertension Drug Isn’t Most Effective, Per OHDSI’s LEGEND Study

VIDEO FEATURES: Collaborators Discuss The Hypertension Study/Findings l Introducing The LEGEND Project Thiazide diuretics demonstrate better effectiveness and cause fewer side effects than ACE inhibitors as first-line antihypertensive drugs, according to a report published Oct. 24 in The Lancet. The study factors

2019 Titan Awards Honor Excellence Within The OHDSI Community

To recognize OHDSI collaborators (or collaborating institutions) for their contributions towards OHDSI’s mission, the OHDSI Titan Awards were introduced at the 2018 Symposium and were handed out once again during the 2019 Symposium. Annually, community members are invited to nominate

2019 OHDSI Symposium Photo Gallery

Check out images from the 2019 OHDSI Symposium, held Sept. 16 at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel, and make sure to follow OHDSI on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as, for updates, soundbites and poster presentations from our 5th

OHDSI FYI: How To Start A New Working Group

There has been interest recently in developing new working groups within the OHDSI community, but many have wondered what it takes to actually start a new working group. This was addressed previously in an OHDSI forum post, but we wanted

Top Women From Columbia, FDA, CDC and J&J Set To Speak At Women Of OHDSI Leadership Forum

Four high-ranking women in the fields of health and observational science will speak during the Women of OHDSI Real-World Analytics Leadership Forum Sunday, Sept. 15, in a highly anticipated event that takes place on the eve of the 2019 U.S.

Fudan Tutorials Attendees Impressed With Speed, Capability Of OHDSI Tools

OHDSI veterans understand the speed and efficiency of its tools, but it remains a thrill when they get to share that knowledge with potential future collaborators. That was the case at the 2019 Fudan Tutorial, where nearly 80 individuals gained

Collaborator Spotlight: Clair Blacketer

Clair Blacketer is a manager in the Epidemiology Analytics group within Epidemiology at Janssen Research & Development, a Johnson & Johnson company. She began her career at a regional health system in her home state of Virginia that focuses on

PheValuator Paper Highlights Potential For Reliable Phenotype Evaluation In Future Research

Constructing phenotype algorithms (PAs) is a primary method for both defining diseases and identifying subjects at risk for disease in observational research. While the role of PAs is crucial for effective, reproducible research, the ability to complete detailed PA evaluations

Phenotype Sharing Feasibility Through OMOP Demonstrated In Recent JBI Paper

Traditional methods of identifying phenotypes over varied networks of electronic health record (EHR) databases is challenging. The recently published “Facilitating Phenotype Transfer Using A Common Data Model” paper in the Journal of Biomedical Informatics demonstrated success in creating a systematic

EHDEN Consortium Announces First Data Partner Call

The European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN), a strong OHDSI partner in the journey of turning real-world evidence into meaningful solutions for health and healthcare, has announced its first Open Data Partner Call in hopes of welcoming new data