2019 OHDSI Korea Symposium Page

The 2019 OHDSI Korea Symposium took place Dec. 12-14 at the Konjiam Resort in Gwangju and attracted 330 people to the main symposium on Dec. 13. It was another great gathering of OHDSI collaborators — both veterans and those just starting on the journey — to learn from each other, present their own research, and network together. This page includes a photo gallery from the event, as well as videos from the main symposium; tutorials are being added over the next couple of weeks.

The links below also add more details from the event.

Main Symposium Welcome & Itinerary

2019 OHDSI Korea Photo Gallery

2019 OHDSI Korea Symposium Videos

The 2019 OHDSI Korea Symposium opened with a brief introduction from Rong Min Baek. Rae Woong Park welcomed the 330 attendees to the Symposium and provided some background on the developments of OHDSI in South Korea. He then introduced two highlights of the event, including the unveiling of the Korean translation of the Book of OHDSI, and took part in an agreement between six leading Korean hospitals to come together and form a research collaboration.

SESSION 1: OHDSI Introduction & EHDEN Project
George Hripcsak opens the first session with an introduction of OHDSI, including background and updates on recent highlights, while Peter Rijnbeek follows with a discussion on the EHDEN Project, which looks to standardize data to the OMOP Common Data Model and generate real-world evidence in Europe.

Session 2: OHDSI Network in Action
Patrick Ryan, Martijn Schuemie and Seng Chan You discuss OHDSI in varying contexts, including the community aspect of research (Ryan), best practices for observational research (Schuemie), and OHDSI Korea in action as a community (You). The trio takes questions in a panel setting at the end of the session.

Session 3: National Perspectives on Bio-Health IT in Korea
Sang Ho Lee and Yunjeong Heo discuss national perspectives on bio-health information technology (this presentation is in Korean).

Session 4: Sharing the International Experience from the Asian-Pacific Region
A panel of OHDSI collaborators (Nicole Pratt, Hua Xu, Mornin Feng, Akira Izumi, Mui Van Zandt, and Seng Chan You) discuss OHDSI progress throughout the Asian-Pacific Region.

Session 5: Adopting the OMOP CDM to Enable Standardized Analytics
Christian Reich, Erica Voss and Mui Van Zandt discuss the process of standardizing data to the OMOP common data model, and how this aids research.