OHDSI Presents Study-A-Thon Findings At 2020 EULAR E-Congress

OHDSI collaborators shared important findings generated from the 2020 Barcelona Study-A-Thon at the recent 2020 EULAR E-Congress, held June 3-6, 2020.

“It was an honor for our team to share our findings at the 2020 EULAR Congress,” said Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, who led the Barcelona Study-A-Thon, and who also served on the EULAR Congress Programme Committee. “The experience in Barcelona was an enjoyable event, but the real-world studies and findings generated from that week can have a powerful impact on the field of rheumatology, and we couldn’t be prouder of that.”

Loreto Carmona served as Chair of the Abstract Selection Committee, and she also presented a poster generated from the Barcelona Study-A-Thon.

“This poster is the result of the collaborative effort of the OHDSI community and people, like me, attending the Study-A-Thon held in Barcelona,” she said, referring to her presentation in the poster section below. “The objective was to compare the risk of pancytopenia and leukopenia across DMARDs (the common drugs used in rheumatoid arthritis, RA). This could actually lead to recommendations on how to monitor these drugs.

“Ah, and OHDSI Study-a-thons are fun,” she added.

For those who missed the event, registration is being accepted through the end of August, and content from the E-Congress will be accessible on-demand through Sept. 1, 2020.


Cynthia Yang gave an oral presentation entitled “Development and validation of patient-level prediction models for adverse health outcomes amongst adult RA patients initiating first-line treatment of methotrexate monotherapy.”

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Ed Burn also gave an oral presentation on “Towards implementing the OMOP CDM across five European biologic registries.”

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Loreto Carmona provided a 3-part poster series entitled “Drug-related pancytopenia and leukopenia in rheumatoid arthritis: Are all csDMARDs equal?”

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Talita Duarte-Salles presented her poster on “Comparative risk of cancer associated with first-line DMARDs use in rheumatoid arthritis: real-world evidence from the OHDSI network.”

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Albert Prats-Uribe presented a poster entitled “Cardio- and cerebrovascular risk in users of conventional synthetic disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (csDMARDs) for rheumatoid arthritis (RA).”

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Anthony Sena presented a poster on “First-line treatment with conventional synthetic Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs in Rheumatoid Arthritis: a multinational population-based cohort from 14 real-world healthcare databases and 9 countries – reality versus guidelines.”

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