Weekly OHDSI Digest-April 26, 2021


Please join us Tuesday, April 27, at 11 am ET for our next OHDSI Community Call, which will be our first Network Session-themed call.

Following our community updates, we will use the website GatherTown to facilitate this session and allow all attendees to connect with small or large groups to discuss various topics, or simply to meet a friend and catch up. No download is required beforehand, and everybody is invited!

Many of you will have the calendar link in your OHDSI Teams environment. If not, you will need the specific meeting link to access the community call; it will also be posted in the main OHDSI Teams environment. As always, if you can’t make it, the recordings will be posted to both our Community Calls page and the General OHDSI Teams recordings folder.


GIS-Geographic Information System WG Meeting: Monday, April 26 at 10 am ET: (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every Monday at 10 am ET.

Pharmacovigilance Evidence Investigation (PEI) WG: Monday, April 26 at 11:30 am ET (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for the last Monday of each month at 11:30am ET.

OMOP CDM Oncology WG – Genomic Subgroup Meeting: Tuesday, April 27 at 9 am ET (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every Tuesday at 9 am ET.

Vaccine Vocabulary WG: Wednesday, April 28 at 8 am ET (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every Wednesday at 8am ET.

OMOP CDM Oncology WG – Development Subgroup Meeting: Wednesday, April 28 at 10 am ET: (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every other Wednesday at 10 am ET.

Data Quality Dashboard Development WG: Wednesday, April 28 at 1 pm ET (Meeting Link) THIS MEETING WAS MOVED FROM APRIL 21 Meetings are traditionally scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month at 1 pm ET.

Psychiatry WG: Thursday, April 29 at 8 am ET: (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every other Thursday at 8 am ET.

OMOP CDM Oncology WG – CDM/Vocabulary Subgroup Meeting: Thursday, April 29 at 1 pm ET: (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every Thursday at 1 pm ET.

Clinical Trials WG: Friday, April 30 at 10 am ET – NOTE: THIS MEETING IS CANCELLED APRIL 30 Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every other Friday at 10 am ET.

Electronic Health Record WG: Friday, April 30 at 10 am ET: (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every other Friday at 10 am ET.


Congratulations to Yingcheng Sun, Alex Butler, Latoya Stewart, Hao Liu, Chi Yuan, Christopher Southard, Jae Hyun Kim, and Chunhua Weng on the recent study “Building An OMOP Common Data Model-Compliant Annotated Corpus for COVID-19 Clinical Trials,” which was published in the Journal of Biomedical Informatics.

Congratulations to George Hripcsak, Martijn Schuemie, David Madigan, Patrick Ryan and Marc Suchard on the recent study “Drawing Reproducible Conclusions from Observational Clinical Data with OHDSI,” which was published in the Yearbook of Medical Informatics.


Registration for the 2021 Global OHDSI Symposium is now open! More information , as well as a registration link, are now available on OHDSI.org. Registration remains free for the four-day event, which takes place Sept.12-15; however, we also provide registration contribution/optional registration fee tickets as well. We thank you in advance for your support!
All OHDSI activities depend largely on government grants and organization sponsorships; please email symposium@ohdsi.org if you would like to consider sponsorship opportunities for this year’s symposium.

Call for participation for the Collaborator Showcase for this year’s symposium is now open! Please visit the website 2021 OHDSI Collaborator Showcase – OHDSI for information on this year’s showcase, submission details and the submission link. Please note that the deadline to submit your work is Friday, June 18th!

HADES (Health Analytics Data-to-Evidence Suite) was featured in a recent OHDSI article after achieving more than 200,000 downloads on CRAM. This set of 20 open-source R packages is foundational to OHDSI’s mission, but it is being maintained by a small core within the community. Please learn more about HADES, and see how greater community support — in a variety of ways — can ensure future success for our open-source toolset.

This Week in OHDSI is a new feature on OHDSI.org that shares weekly updates, publications, presentations from the community call, and more. It will be updated each Wednesday.

The UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) has a vacancy for an OMOP expert / health database researcher. CPRD has converted the CPRD Aurum primary care electronic health record (EHR) database into an OMOP CDM version and are seeking an individual with expertise in using the OMOP CDM and strong technical skills to support ongoing validation work. The successful candidate will also train users within CPRD in the use of the OHDSI analytical infrastructure. The position will be hosted within the Observational Research team, but will require close collaboration with the Health Data Science team who manage the technical implementation. For more information and a detailed vacancy specification please contact: Darren Lunn, Head of Health Data Science, CPRD (darren.lunn@mhra.gov.uk).

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