Weekly OHDSI Digest – December 18, 2023


Please join our holiday-themed final community call of 2023 on Tuesday, Dec. 19 (11 am ET) for a goodbye to the 10th year of OHDSI. We have fun plans for our annual celebratory final community call, and we hope you all can join us.

We hope everybody in the community has a happy holiday season!

Everybody is invited. Calendar invites went out last week. If you did not receive one, please use this link to join the meeting. All recordings from these weekly calls are available within our Teams environment and will be posted on both our YouTube page and our OHDSI.org Community Calls page.


Upcoming Workgroup Calls – OHDSI


Congratulations to the team of Romina Blasini, Kornelia Marta Buchowicz, Henning Schneider, Birgit Samans, and Keywan Sohrabi on the publication of Implementation of inclusion and exclusion criteria in clinical studies in OHDSI ATLAS software in Scientific Reports.


Community calls will resume on Jan. 9, 2024. A new call invite will go out the week before.

Andrew Williams posted a document that describes how OHDSI workgroups form, the kinds of things they do, and the categories of workgroups that the OHDSI community is organized into. It is meant to help community members understand and how to use OHDSI workgroups to get things done. It also provides some tips on running workgroups. There is a request for comments until Jan. 1, 2024. To read more and access the document, please visit the forum post.

• Research from the 2023 Global Symposium Collaborator Showcase can be viewed on the Global Symposium Showcase page. Research is also being shared daily on OHDSI’s LinkedInTwitter/X and Instagram feeds as part of the #OHDSISocialShowcase. Below are posters (with study leads) that are featured this week:

Monday — Development of Medical Imaging Data Standardization for Imaging-Based Observational Research: OMOP Common Data Model Extension (Woo Yeon Park)

Tuesday — A distributed multi-site latent class analysis (dMLCA) algorithm for federated disease subphenotype detection (Naimin Jing)

Wednesday — Building community, infrastructure, and insights for perinatal and reproductive health research in OHDSI (Alison Callahan)

Thursday — The importance of including socioeconomic characteristics in prediction models of COVID-19 in Brazil, and in other highly unequal societies (Valentina Martufi)

Friday — Telehealth Utilization for Diabetes Care Among Individuals with Medicare and Medicaid Coverage (Craig Mayer)

• The 2023 Global Symposium home page has posted the video presentations and slides for all of the Friday talks, as well as the “Introduction to OHDSI” tutorial from Saturday morning. All posters from the collaborator showcase are also available. Please check out this page for all material related to the event.

• Chris Knoll announced the release of ATLAS/WebAPI 2.14.0 recently. More details about both are available on this forum post.
Job Openings

• Aedin Culhane announced the opening of two positions for a Postdoctoral Researcher (Level 1 or 2) in Cancer Digital Health Real World Evidence at the University of Limerick. As a Postdoctoral Researcher in the eHealth-Hub for Cancer, you will have responsibility for leading programming and development of analytical pipelines for harmonising cancer clinical data at partner sites to the best practice international standards. You will work with experts in the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM), mCODE and the GA4GH standard Phenopackets. You will have the opportunity to contribute to development of the OMOP-CDM oncology extension, oncology genomics data standards, connecting Irish cancer data to All of US, the UK Biobank, PIONEER, OPTIMA, and a federated network of global cancer datasets. You will contribute to the coding and reviewing of R or python packages for the federated analysis of OMOP-mapped real-world cancer data. The application deadline is Dec. 15, 2023. Further description and an application link are available here.

• Cynthia Sung shared two openings at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one for a Distinguished Scientist, Artificial Intelligence & Large Language Models, and one for a Deputy Director, Quantitative Sciences. More details about both positions are available within the direct links.

• Stephanie Leonard shared an opening at Stanford University for a postdoctoral scholar in perinatal pharmacoepidemiology. The scholar will work closely with faculty members with expertise in epidemiology, medical informatics, and clinical medicine on NIH-funded research projects on the comparative safety and effectiveness of medications in pregnancy and related research topics. Our projects employ advanced analytical methods in large databases, including OHDSI network studies using claims data and electronic health record data in the OMOP CDM. Current topical focus areas include mental health, behavioral health and cardiovascular health of people who are pregnant or postpartum. Further details are available here: https://postdocs.stanford.edu/prospective/opportunities/open-postdoctoral-position-faculty-mentor-brian-bateman 1. Please send any questions to Dr. Leonard at stephanie.leonard@stanford.edu. Details on postdoc resources at Stanford: https://postdocs.stanford.edu/.

• Ajit Londhe recently posted that Boehringer Ingelheim is hiring for two positions: (1) Director, Real World Data & Analytics – Data Domain Owner (this position will lead acquisition strategy for real-world data sources for possible in-license/ purchase and additional analytical tools for in-house analytic needs across the organization … responsible for oversight of operational governance tasks & real-world data life cycle governance … US-based, remote location); and (2) Real World Evidence Data Engineer (IT position supporting RWE teams’ technology needs, including OHDSI stack support … based in Spain only).

• Yuan Lu, Assistant Professor at Yale University, announced an opening for a Postdoctoral Associate/Data Analyst at the Yale University School of Medicine. This person will work on the LEGEND Hypertension Project. More information, including job description, key responsibilities and qualifications, are available here. If interested, please reach out to Dr. Lu at y.lu@yale.edu.


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